Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Camper to Glamper Update

How much paint can it take?  I thought a gallon would leave me plenty left over and I am starting to wonder if it will be enough.  About half of the trailer is painted with two coats and the other half has its first coat.  I took a break from painting for the last two days to work on the curtains.  I have sewn all but three curtains now.  I ran out of navy blue thread so until a have a few minutes to run to the store I am back to painting.  Brent came out and checked it out and helped me hang a new curtain/door for the girls to have a little privacy and decided it looked pretty good.  Initially when I asked if he minded if I redid the trailer his only request was that I didn't make it too girly.  So I went with greens and blues.  When the curtain fabric came home he decided he didn't like the green fabric as it looked to 70's.  Once they were up he seemed to like them better.

Although not as obvious I also have reworked the girls's closet to make it a little more kid friendly, made new washclothes/dishtowels, and cleaned out a storage area we don't use to give us another space to store things.  I also have to figure out some curtain tiebacks.

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