Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Last week had my first canning oops. I made cherry pie filling, five quarts of it. They looked great but as they started processing three of the quarts lost their bottoms. I had cherry pie filling all over the water bath. I managed to save two jars then made the call to my canning mentor. My dear mother in law saved me and the pie filling. After rinsing off the cherries, remakeing the filling and processing again I now have five beautiful quarts of cherry pie filling on my counter. They make me want to go pick ore cherries.

Friday, July 13, 2012


It cooled off enough to spend some time in the flower garden tonight. I managed two five pound pails of"weeds." it turns out, as it has through the spring too, that I pulled more plants than actual weeds. Thyme, lupine, coneflower, and pansies all went. I also pulled up some extra sedum and bachelor buttons. There was some clover and a few dandelions and some other little weeds but mostly it was volunteer plants from last years flowers. It is strange to pull them up but I really have plenty left. I also gave away literally 60 or so plants that looked great so I just found them new gardens to grow in. The carrots and onions look like they are doing great. The herbs are coming along well too. The second crop on beans is just peeking out of the soil between the corn rows and soon will reach up and climb. I also followed Mary Jane's Farm recipe for brandied cherries and made two quarts of them for later. Speaking of Mary Jane I also took the time to fill out the form to apply for two more badges and finally printed the badges I have earned out on fabric so I can start embroidering them for wherever they mat end up. All in all a good day. Farmers Market is tomorrow, how much trouble can I get myself into there? Guess we will see.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Food storage

Last night I managed through 11.5 pints of strawberry rhubarb jam. It was 85F in house but the berries and rhubarb were all ready so it had to be done. That makes 26 pints of jam for awhile. Now I am on to planning for those cute little tomatoes that should be quite large soon enough. The bush beans are flowering well and the corn is still upright. The zucchini has a few blossoms on so hopefully salsa and Spaghetti sauce will be projects later this summer.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July already!

I can't believe I have skipped right over June. I have been busy I suppose. The garden is planted and growing well. This morning I counted 11 tomatoes on my plants and many more flowers excited to become tomatoes. The carrots and onions are looking good and the radishes are ready to come out. I have collected various herbs four times now. Mostly for drying for later but some to flavor dishes for the day. Brent has put in a wonderful fire pit just in time for a great Fourth of July party. We have had a little time for camping and hiking too. The girls and I have taken up the very fun pastime of letterboxing which is giving us some great adventures. Our next adventure is to make our own letterbox for others to find. Hopefully we will get a stamp carved this week and maybe even planted we will have to see. My thoughts are jumping to canning and making salsa and sauces for us this winter. How many tomatoes will grow for us? How many cans on things can we produce? How healthy can we live? Here is hoping July brings us a few hints at the answers.