Sunday, April 29, 2012

Irrigation Season has begun

Today was a busy day. Starting those irrigation pipes always takes forever. We survived it but it took a lot out of us. The girls helped get the house cleaned up in the morning leaving the afternoon for outside chores. The tomato plants coontinue to grow well. We started some zucchini seeds today that will hopefully get transplanted in a few weeks. Melanie is training to walk some of the Rhody Run. It feels so good to encourage her to exercise. She plays and runs so much I don't worry about her but instilling good habits is always good. She is really excited about all the gardening and planting we are preparing for. If only weeding were more fun. Gardening with Heirloom Seeds by Lynn Coulter is my next readin endeavor. It is an interesting book with lots of history and growing advice for heirlooms. So far it hasn't changed my plans for this summer but it is giving me ideas for the future to try.