Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rotational Grazing

We have just over 5 acres at our place.  Somewhere around four acres are pasture for cattle.  The pasture is split into two sections.  Our six heifers rotate every three weeks or so to allow half our land to rest and the grass to grow while they graze the other half.  This has been working so well for us that this week I took it to a new level.  Fusty, our guinea pig, now helps with the grazing.  She has a bottomless cage that I now rotate around our lilac bushes.  My husband hates mowing this area so Fusty can help.  She is about halfway around one bush now.  I also and seeing that this is quite a task for her so perhaps a herd of guinea pigs should be invested in to make this grazing a little more effective?  Alas we are a one guinea pig family so she will just have to try her hardest to keep up and eventually Brent will just have to mow to help her out.

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