Sunday, October 21, 2012

Laundry Can be fun

This weekend I decided to spruce up the dingy, messy laundry room.  A little face lift to make things a little more bright.  The room has been functional the last seven years we have lived here but not enjoyable.  As I am the one who spends the most time in the room I decided to make it a little more pleasant for me time spent there.  First it got a good clean out then a clean up.  Washing walls and getting cobwebs down.  Then a nice lavender paint job.  After the painting was finished the various bookshelves got relocated to balance the room better and maybe spread out the congestion.  Next up is a few more items on the walls.  I found two yellow metal trays that will be great on the walls to hold magnets and papers I need to keep track of.  I also plan to hang up a few aprons in a decorative fashion and a skirt for the laundry sink.  Last but certainly not least a new door of some kind.  The current door definatley leaves something to be desired.

I also moved forward with homemade safe cleaners and made a window cleaner that seems to work just great without a bunch of chemicals.  I also have now made ten feed bag totes and hope to make an even dozen to fulfill the final requirement for my going green shopping badge with Mary Jane's Farm.  I really do enjoy learning all the skills needed to complete these badges.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Now for indoor work

I pulled the last of the carrots and onions this weekend. Today I am preparing the carrots for blanching and freezing. The onions for drying. The last of the tomatoes are red and ready to eat. I actually had someone track me down to have me make his wife some feedbag totes.  I have four bags I need to make up for me and some friends and his two.  I am planning on gifting them all and using the gifts for my reusable bag swap for a badge for Mary Jane's Farm.

My Christmas present for my family is really coming along.  It has taken quite a bit of effort but I think they will all enjoy it.  It is so nice to be able to make something for them to show my appreciation for them and our lives together.

I also plan on having a tea party on Saturday for my daughters and their friend. It will be our trial run and if they have lots of fun as I suspect they will we will start planning a larger affair.