Thursday, September 13, 2012

The end of outdoor gardening for 2012

Two hard frosts in a row. We covered the tomatoes and a few other things but ultimately summer is ending.  The carrots and onions are fine but the beans and corn are done. I picked the last of the tomatoes today, lots of green ones to watch inside. The rosemary and lemon balm earned pots to try to winter in the living room. My blueberry bush has its first blueberry crop turning blue on the table in the living room as well.  It lived in a pot all summer so this week we will enjoy around twenty blueberries.  Hopefully it does a little better next summer. I am not sure where to put all these plants but they will all have a place somewhere.  I am thinking of starting some camomile to see if it can grow all winter indoors.

This weekend will hopefully be the time to make the last batch of salsa for the year and get heading into fall cleaning and sewing projects.  Christmas is coming and hopefully some gifts can be made.