Monday, February 27, 2012

Just about finished with "Courageous." Such an inspiring book. I can't wait to read "Courageous Living" and see some tips on being a better example and parent to my girls. On the home front I started the tomato, basil, and stevia seeds two days ago. Now begins the waiting for tiny little sprouts to come up. In three days we begin to lose weight and get in shape to hopefully win some money for us and the school scholarship fund at preschool.

Homemade laundry soap is going well. The laundry smells wonderful and seems clean without using lots of soap and smelly stuff. I am also improving the storage in the house to make it more organized and easier to find our stuff. Anything to simplify is good for us.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday was extremely productive. The girls went to preschool and I got a third of our house really clean. I also finished my first crocheted afghan. It was not perfect but it will be a pretty way to keep warm. Today the grocery store will get an expensive visit from us. Somehow we ran out of lots of staples all at once. I am hoping to make some laundry soap today. Then we can see how well the recipe works. If it is good we should save quite a bit of money and use less chemicals around the house.

Homeschooling this week is always a little odd since I work so much of it but E,e,5,and lighthouses are our topics today and probably a little on the weekend.

Trapper is getting used to her wobbly legs and although I am not sure they are getting a lot better she is tired of going slow and taking it easy so there is definitely more caution for us to keep her quiet.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A very long week

Last week took the Race family by storm. Monday morning my 92 year old grandma passed away. She had a great life and had only a few days of discomfort at the end. We were sorry to see her leave us but it could have been so much worse for her. Consequently our week was a little hectic. Kirsten and I promptly left for Washington leaving Brent and Melanie on their own. We all slacked off on our simplifying and homemade life. Then our lovely and devoted dog Trapper slipped a disk. There has been a lot of laundry and cleaning associated with her medical care but we are coming back online. Bread was made yesterday, laundry is caught up finally, and the house is getting clean once again. I am enjoying a little crochet time today to relax and deco press from the week. The kids are getting back on track and I finally got to talk with Brent about something more than schedules and chores. Simply the Race family is coming back together after a week of chaos.